Consortium Aurora Borealis relies on the generous donations of our sponsors.  Your support allows us to bring amazing and exciting classical repertoire to Thunder Bay and allows for a much more intimate and warm setting for it to be enjoyed.  Thunder Bay has a wonderful musical community and we strongly believe in embracing all that it has to offer.

Without your contributions, Consortium Aurora Borealis wouldn’t be where we are today.  We would like to take a moment to thank the following sponsors for their contributions to enriching all of our lives with classical music.

Please donate today to ensure that our lives will continue to be enriched by music for another 42 seasons!

Jacqueline & Maurice Black
Father Francisco Blazek
Elizabeth Ganiatsos
The Susan Marrier Fund at The United Church of Canada Foundation
John Coolen & Carol Taylor Coolen
James Arthur
John&Gloria Cyr
Sylvia Hegge
Jaro Kotalik & Louisa Pedri
Marguerite & David Morellato
Jean & Richard Armstrong                  
Kathy Babin-Niven
Lynn & Barb Barber
Susan Bithray
Sarah Boland
Mona Chiasson & Frank Denson
Harold & Lois Demetzer
Thomas Demetzer
Valerie Dennison & Rob Mitchell
Lillian Dunn & Chris Loud
Cathy Fretz
Roberta Gorrie
Judy Haglund
Marlene Hurrell
Catherine Jillings & Michael Shannon
Don Kamula
Dave & Beverly Knutson
Kim Koivukoski
Michelle Landry
Mary Jane & Richard Lewandoski
Elizabeth Mickelson
Maxine Myser
Judy Perrier
Iris Reynolds & Rob Stinchcombe
Hilda Postenka
Elizabeth Poulin
Edouard Prinselaar
Rosanne Rambaldini
Bettina Seibenmann
Victor Smith
Deirdre Spain & Doug Chartres
Jim & Julie Stafford
Louisa Stoot
Malania Toy
Rob Van Wyck
Nancy Wallace
Bonnie Yule & Alan Sparkes
Nancy Treloar
Jennifer Sharpe
Arnold and Nancy Nurmi

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